Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Conference Room Water Damage Project

The before and after images of the conference room water damage show how the professionals at SERVPRO take care of business. A broken water line caused the conf... READ MORE

Sprinkler System Water Damage Project

We hope this before and after image provides some insight into the work that goes into restoring a commercial water damage project. A malfunctioning sprinkler s... READ MORE

Extensive Water Damage To an Office Building

Water damage can cause a lot of destruction and havoc in a short amount of time. For example, in the before image, you can see how water has caused extensive da... READ MORE

A Burst Pipe in a Commercial Property

Accidents are prone to happen on a construction site. For example, the before image shows how a burst water pipe caused extensive damage and left the business o... READ MORE

Accounting Office Water Damage

This accounting office suffered severe water damage, as you can see in the before and after images. A burst pipe caused the damage, and it quickly spread throug... READ MORE

Art Studio Water Damage

It's always heartbreaking to see artworks that have been damaged by water. In this before and after image, we can see the devastating effect that water can have... READ MORE