Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Basement Water Damage Project

The before and after images of the water damage basement project is proof of some of our best work. You can see how we strategically placed our drying equipment... READ MORE

Laundry Room Water Damage Project

We hope this before and after image provides some insight into the work that goes into restoring a water-damaged laundry room. A broken water supply line caused... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage Project

The kitchen is a heavily used room in any home, and when water damage occurs, it can be difficult to get the space back to its original condition. You can see j... READ MORE

Water Damaged Flooring Project

The professionals at SERVPRO are experienced in taking care of flooring water damage projects like the one shown in the before and after image. Hardwood floorin... READ MORE

Basement Door Leak

In the before and after image, you can see how we were able to dry out the basement and prevent further damage. Again, we were able to act quickly because the c... READ MORE

Toilet Leak Water Damage

In the following before and after image, you can see how we take care of a customer's property with a toilet leak. Toilet leaks can do a lot of damage to your h... READ MORE